Other’s Data

Links to an assortment of useful data sets. Unless otherwise noted I didn’t compile these datasets. Datasets compiled by me can be found here.


National Transportation Statistics, US Department of Transportation

National Transit Database 

Texas A&M Transportation Institute’s Urban Mobility Report

Census Transportation Planning Products (CTPP)

California Department of Transportation

– Traffic Counts

– Data Library (incld. population data, driver license, fuel usage, etc.)

City of Long Beach’s Belmont Pier Eco-Totem


Los Angeles:

LA FANS – Rand Institute

Panel dataset of Angelenos, 2000-2002 & 2006-2008.

Los Angeles County Social Survey (1970-2002)

1992, 19931994, 1995, 1996, 19971998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002

UCLA Social Science Data Archive

Los Angeles Metropolitan Areas Studies (1970-1976)
Southern California Social Survey (1984-1991)
Los Angeles Times Polls (1977-2007)
And various others

Lewis Center’s Southern California Data Portal

All Cities:

Urban Transition Data (19th-20th centuries)
Brown University

Guide to Median Housing Price

Guide to Japanese Zoning {no data}

Zillow Housing/Rental Data

Sustainable Communities Dashboard 

Census of Governments (US Feds)

ICMA 5-year Surveys (pay wall)

Urban Big Data Centre

University of Glasgow Open Data

Houston Area Survey (1982-2016)
Rice University, Institute for Urban Research

Los Angeles County Sheriff Crime Data, GIS Format (2007-2011)

Latin American Housing Network

Social Capital Community Benchmark Survey

NASA Vulcan Air Quality/CO2 Emissions Data

HUD’s Moving To Opportunity Public Use Data

Mexico Crime Data (Secretariado Ejecutivo) 


UC Berkeley’s Department of Demography Datasets 

— Prussian Dataset

Immigration Datasets, UC Berkeley’s Population Center 

Migration & Remittances Data, World Bank

Prof. Docquier’s Immigration Datasets 

Incld. OECD emigration data (1990-2000)

Historical Datasets:

Center for Global Economic History, Utrecht University

Global Price & Income History Group, UC Davis 

Historical Statistics of the US

Economic History Association Datasets 

Population of the Top 100 Largest Cities, 1790 to 1990 

African Economic History Network

Political Opinion 

Yale/GMU Project on Climate Change Communication 

CIUPANEL – Spanish EU Politics 

Panel Data, May 2014 – Dec 2015

Latin American Public Opinion Project

Institute of Public Opinion – Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú

Mexican Migration Project @ Princeton

Comparative National Election Project

Baylor Religion Survey (2005,2007,2010)

MIT-Mexico Elections Study (2000-2012)


Stewarts Congressional Data
Since approx WW2

Historical World Development Indicators, World Bank (77mb!)

Economic Freedom of the World, Fraser Institute 

Bureau of Economic Analysis

Includes GDP per State & Metropolitan Area

Environmental Protection Agency – Air Quality Factbook

City & County level, 1990-2013.

Public Policy Institute of California Data Depot

California-centric data.

Political Regimes Dataset – Geddes, Wright & Frantz

University of Michigan – Data Sharing (multiple datasets)

TeleGeography (pay wall)
Telecommunications data.

Transparency Intl. Corruption Perception Index


Higher Education Research Institute, UCLA
Education data.

International Data:

UC Davis Center for International Data

US Tariff, Import/Export Data

Intl. Data on Brazil

Tariffs, Market Indices etc.

Just for Fun:

Social Security Administration’s Baby Name Database 

California Name Index

Anime Japanese DVD/Bluray Sales by Something



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